Album – Singing Praises To God (instrumental)




The full instrumental album of 17 Hymns, Psalms and Sequences

Singing Praises To God (instrumental) by Orifici & Harris

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  1. Panis Angelicus (instrumental)
  2. Christ, My Hope Is Risen – The Easter Sequence (instrumental)
  3. Singing Praises To God (instrumental)
  4. Here God Lives Among His People (instrumental)
  5. Responsorial Psalm for Christmas Day – ‘Today Our Saviour Is Born’ (instrumental)
  6. Responsorial Psalm for Easter Sunday – ‘This Is The Day’ (instrumental)
  7. The Pentecost Sequence – ‘Holy Spirit, Lord Of Light’ (instrumental)
  8. Here The Pilgrim, Home At Last (instrumental)
  9. Jesus Calls Us (instrumental)
  10. Penitential Act II – Lord Have Mercy (instrumental)
  11. Kyrie, Eleison – Lord Have Mercy (instrumental)
  12. The Gloria – Glory To God (instrumental)
  13. Gospel Acclamation (instrumental)
  14. The Sanctus – Holy, Holy (instrumental)
  15. Memorial Acclamation I,II,III & Christ Has Died (instrumental)
  16. The Great Amen (instrumental)
  17. Agnus Dei – Lamb Of God (instrumental)